You serve the family, we do the rest.

Accessible planning that fits all lifestyles, our user-friendly app guides planners through every decision and elevates our partner funeral homes.

Our simple, pleasant experience gives people everywhere the confidence & control they need to buy their own funeral or cremation long before they’re gone.

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Talk to our care team

Our team is always here to guide you through the process and answer any questions.

Monday - Friday
9:00am - 6:00pm ET

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A world of planners now within your reach

As the fastest growing company in end-of-life planning, Everdays is the only consumer-first brand to captivate millions of 55+ planning consumers across the country.

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Reach New Customers

We attract modern planners with an average age of 63 to bring the value of funeral service directly to the next generation.

Enjoy an entirely new channel of online sales focused on services –  our average cremation service package sale is $6,500.

Partner homes are highlighted through the experience, elevating your home for all planners in your area.

What a few of our partners love

“Using Everdays, we now have a direct connection with each family’s broader community.”

Randy Schoedinger

“We can reach a new market that we probably wouldn’t have had if it wasn’t for Everdays. They help us to reach more people and grow our overall market share.”


CEO of Schoedinger Funeral & Cremation Service

Dan Madden

President of Stark Memorial

Plans become sales - 100% online

Our AI system translates plans into packages that align with your pricing and services, bringing your home a new channel of sales made all in the app.

Full circle from preneed to at-need

At the time of passing the family has everything they need saved in the app, and the Digital Memorial is instantly created and ready to send to relatives and friends.

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Share your logo and staff photos so we can promote your brand and best connect you with planners in your community.

Upload your GPL so your prices are automatically assigned to services chosen during the planning process.

As planners turn into funders you will be notified  of each sale with all crucial information updated in your account.

Did you know?

Consumers aged 55+ are 85% more likely to research important decisions online, and their online spending has increased by 49% from 2020.

*Based on a recent survey by

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63 years old & female

The Customer You Want

Avg. Package: $6,500

Young, tech-savvy, & modern consumer with an on-the-go lifestyle

We never charge our consumer to use the planning app.

From payment to documentation, the entire transaction happens in the app with no human touch.

100% of sales from planners go to your funeral home.